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Campari Group Spiritheque
Campari Group Spiritheque

The Campari Group

SPIRITHEQUE: Stories Beyond the Spirits


The Brand

Putting the spirit in your summer spritz, the Campari Group is home to some of the world's best known and most loved spirit brands including the namesake Campari, Aperol, Skyy Vodka, Wild Turkey, and so many more. 

The Goal and My Role​

The Spiritheque is an ongoing promotional site launched by the Campari Group featuring original stories written about its key brands, including Campari, Wild Turkey, Skyy Vodka and Averna. 


As part of the artists team, I wordsmithed each piece to ensure the tone and content perfectly matched the romance of each brand, as well as the original graphics that were developed for the Spiritheque feature. 

Campari Group Spiritheque
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