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LookOUT Macy*s

New York City/USA


The Brand


Look OUT was an Autumn 2012 advertorial fashion campaign stemming from a collaboration between American department store Macy*s and OUT Magazine, targeted to the magazine’s international readership. Through strong visuals and editorially-driven content, Macy*s sought to create a unique shopping destination highlighting prominent brands including Diesel, Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Levi's. 


The Goal and My Role


As Creative Style Director, I was tasked with creating a central concept for the campaign that bridged the culture and aesthetic of OUT Magazine with Macy*s as well as all involved brands. I wrote all online content, produced and scripted several videos, provided design direction, and styled all photo and video shoots. The result generated record sales for Macy*s and exceeded conversion goals for OUT Magazine.

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