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Product description
Tea Fragrance
Site copy


New York City/USA, London/UK

The Brand​

COMMODITY is a modern take on personal and home fragrance. In an age defined by an overwhelming need to connect, COMMODITY provides a way to share what we treasure, experience, and enjoy through one of history’s most powerful modes: scent. The name COMMODITY pays tribute to both the raw ingredients involved, as well as the core values of today’s socially-driven society: connection, self-expression, and individuality.

The Goal and My Role​

Working as copywriter and strategy consultant with Souter Partners, a NYC-based creative agency, we prepared for COMMODITY’s expansion from two lines of personal fragrance into home fragrance, colour, and amenities. I engineered a central brand positioning designed to embrace the concept of A way to express oneself without words, copy for primary and secondary packaging for current retail offerings as well as future initiatives, onsite copy, product descriptions, and various marketing tools.

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